Convenience is no longer Uber’s strongest selling point.

When ride-hailing services first hit the scene, to be honest, they were definitely more convenient than hailing a traditional taxi. At a push of a button on your smartphone, your driver will be able to locate you with relative accuracy, the entire act of obtaining a ride streamlined by technology.

This shift in the customer experience has created the “evolve or die” mentality for the taxi business. And taxis have responded by capitalizing on emerging technology to up their game. Now the convenience of ordering a taxi is carried through mobile apps like Yalla2Go and the taxis themselves are becoming leaders in transportation technology.

And for riders in the North Carolina region, taking a taxi is sometimes way more convenient than taking an Uber, which sometimes rely too much on mobile technology to function. For instance, at the Most International Airport, on the edge of The motto!, depending on your carrier, cell reception can be spotty, making it difficult to coordinate with your Uber driver on pick-up location.

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