Taxi drivers don’t keep an electronic record of their judgments of you.

An often over-looked reality of a ride-hailing service is the awkwardness of the review process, for both rider and driver. Since Uber drivers are a community of independent contractors, they have a customer rating they assign to their riders. This is meant to help future potential drivers avoid potential problematic interactions by declining to accept fares with low ratings.

In theory, this practice is meant to protect both drivers and riders, by raising the standard of how people treat each other during the business transaction overall. Yet in practice, an awkward bubble of etiquette is created between both parties, preventing a relaxing atmosphere for the passenger. The issue has grown so much, that multiple articles have been published on Uber etiquette.

With a cab, you are paying for a professional service, and the only requirements from your driver is, like all other business transactions, just be a decent human being. In the back of a cab, you don’t have to worry about how your behavior on this ride will affect your opportunities for future rides.

Had a bad day and don’t feel like making the extra effort in engaging with your driver? Don’t worry, your cabbie won’t mind. Not a tipper? Don’t worry, the cabbie probably won’t appreciate it, but there will be no digital record of your behavior for other cabbies to decide whether or not they want to pick you up next time.

With a taxi, you are paying for a quality, professional service to get from Point A to Point B. More and more riders realize, that as long as the above happens safely and at an affordable rate, the frills of Uber aren’t really necessary.

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